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      Since establishment, Huison always pays attention to technology promotion, high-level quality control and scientific management. Along with research and development team increasingly strong, company standard continuously improved, Huison has a unique advantage in technology and product quality.  In the technological area, Huison invested massive funds to support technology promotion and talent training, we cooperate with scientific research institutions like biological research institute of Chinese academy of sciences, Xiamen university, Jimei university and so on. We strengthen talent development and comprehensive cooperation in production, learning, scientific research and practical application.

      Our company adhere to the road of independent innovation combining with production, learning, scientific research and practical application. We introduce international advanced equipments and hire European and American top-level talents as company consultant.

      Furthermore, our company focuses on the optimization of existing industrial technology and research& development of new products and achieved prominent results.  Based on high-point, Huison is dedicated to innovation and promote the sustainable healthy development of biological industry, we pay high attention to the driving role that technical innovation and product research& development play in company’s development. Huison guide the market with innovative products and gain the market with high quality.

      We are undertaken major national science and technology project and bring high technology into production. Technical innovation achieved significant breakthrough. we applied 15 invention patents, obtained 8 patent rights , realized industrialization of 4 scientific and technological achievements.

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