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      Huison have permanent strategic agreement with medicine、health care products company in domestic and overseas, Huison have passed food safety audit and quality verification of these companies and incorporated into their supply chain systems. Huison become the first DHA algal oil export supplier in China, moreover, HuisonDHA algal oil as Novel food was approved by EU committee.

      Huison strives to provide competitive products and services for global customers, and make contributions to human health.

 Cooperation signing ceremony
  Right back in the back:
  Mr.J. (Jacob) der Vis van
  Rotterdam chamber of Commerce (chamber of    Commerce)
  Fan Jinke (Chinese Embassy in Holland)
  Mr.Drs.l.L.M. (LVO) Weekenborg
  (Rotterdam business representative office)
  Back in the back:
  (Rotterdam port authority);
  W.Kimmel Mr.John
  (Rotterdam International Trade Center)

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